West Virginia Mission Trip

Hey friends!!

We have a 63 people ready to serve the Lord in Richwood, WV. We are going to be there from July 23rd to July 28th. In 2016, Richwood, West Virginia experienced a tragic flood that devastated the entire community. The natural disaster destroyed homes, businesses, and other buildings, and its impact is still present today. During our week there, we plan to help mitigate¬† flood damage while we strive to strengthen our relationships with Christ, as well as our relationships with each other in community. We ask for continuous prayer as we prepare for our trip, as well as during the week itself. We want to show God’s love in every way possible, and we hope to accomplish this goal every day we are in Richwood.

Our Team


  • Maddie Atkins
  • Nola Bene
  • Samuel Blackwood
  • Mary Grace Blaschke
  • Trinity Bowles
  • Alyssa Brown
  • Katelynn Cermenaro
  • Eleanor Contant
  • Jennah Dabrowski
  • Morgan Dabrowski
  • TJ Davis
  • Jack Demyan
  • Lucy Demyan
  • John Donsbach
  • Amelia Floyd
  • Thomas Frey
  • Ashur Gilbert
  • Payson Gilbert
  • Ashley Kay Goodrum
  • Aiden Gravitt
  • Izzy Green
  • Will Harpley
  • Ava Harpley
  • Jensen Hartman
  • Shaun Hickman
  • Sarah Horner
  • Lucas Johnson
  • Ryley Jolly
  • Juliette Lundy
  • David McDowell
  • Leah Mundy
  • Brenna Mundy
  • Carly Mundy
  • Keelor Munn
  • Josslyn Munn
  • Ellie Padgett
  • Claire Palmer
  • Elizabeth Parrish
  • Hunter Price
  • Cecilia Scheyer
  • Sara Kate Schock
  • Dagen Shehorn
  • Allison Sidley
  • Ansley Strickland
  • Sophie Strickland
  • Brinkley Vaughn
  • Laney Washburn
  • Lucas White
  • Andrew Williamson
  • Xander Young


  • David Blackwood
  • Carley Flores
  • Teresa Fox
  • Ellyn Gilbert
  • Paul Palmer
  • Katie Starcher
  • Jordan Hendrix
  • Aaron Talbott
  • Travis Young